Google just made these changes on your Android phone

The Google giant makes a number of changes to the Google Play Store, both in the display and in the settings made available to users. Here’s what you should know.

For starters, you’ll notice that the menu in the upper left corner of the screen has been removed. You will find all the menus in the avatar of your profile, in the upper right corner. If you have multiple Google Accounts connected, you can access other accounts by tapping the Expand icon.

The “My Apps and Games” page is still at the top and unchanged. A new “Library” page, which houses the Wish List, Movies and TV and Books, is below it. Google also consolidated “Payments and Subscriptions” into a single page with these changes.

The “Notifications and offers” page has been moved down, and the alert counter will show how many notifications you are currently waiting for. Another change concerns the “Settings” page, which now appears last, just above the “Help and feedback” section. If you open the Settings page, you’ll see some changes there as well. The long list of menus and options has been categorized into four expandable sections and is hidden by default, making a Settings page shorter and cleaner.

The General section includes account settings, automatic update, and preferences. User Controls hosts fingerprint and purchase authentication settings, while the Family section hosts parental control and the parenting guide. The About section, as usual, gives you information about the application, including open source licenses or device certification.

The new format is introduced by Google on a global scale

The new navigation menu started appearing for some users in early February this year. Now, a few months later, the new version of the Play Store is being widely launched for users. The application must be updated automatically to benefit from the new changes.

However, if you notice that you don’t see any changes the next time you install them, open the Play app information page in the phone’s Settings app and click “Forced shutdown.” Now you can enjoy the new look of the Google Play Store.

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